intergalactic Bazaar

October 26, 2012

Down to business!

A good place to start seems like a quick introduction and a little insight into what i have in store for this blog.  My name is Cory Strassburger, professionally i’ve been in the Film, VFX and Motion Graphic world for a fairly long time.  I love photography, film making, story telling, software development, krazy people, krazy ideas, pondering futuristic concepts and the latest untapped playgrounds.  This leads me to my current obsession and one of the main reasons for this blog.  Augmented Reality.  Not AR in its current gimmicky state but the potential AR has in the beautiful visual arts and story telling worlds.  I will dig a bit deeper into that in the next post.

For now, my hope for this blog is that it’s mainly focused on augmented reality and potentially a place for inspiration and community convergence. In the short time i’ve been exploring AR i’ve meet some cool AR dev and creative people and i would love to expand that further.  I more than welcome any feedback, conversations or potential collaborations.  My schedule is consistently insane so I may not be super responsive but hopefully within reason!

Only time will tell how this is actually going to take shape, though i’m excited about its potential.   I promise future posts will be much more exciting!


October 26, 2012

Every blog has a beginning…

And I’d like to start out this blog with a cool image and a definition i had just come across.

Chimerical – Coming from a wild or over fanciful imagination.  “Existing only as a product of unchecked imagination”