Sugarland 2011-2012

- Title sequence design and animation
- Tour Program Design and some of the photography
- Various other graphics, posters and the large Backdrop Banner

Over the last few years I've been privileged to help a good friend of mine Valarie Bienas (Sugarlands photographer and videographer) shoot some special Sugarland shows, albums being recorded, still shoots, etc… It was always fun to take a break from everyday work life in LA and spend a couple days out on the road traveling on mega buses and hanging out in huge venues all day with really awesome people, then get to shoot some incredibly talented musicians to top it all off. During this time a documentary was being born and eventually Valarie would recruit our friends Alain and Ryan to edit this adventure into a documentary. The initial documentary was called Blood, Love, Hope, Lust and Steam and was included with Sugarlands special edition "Incredible Machine" album. (Which by the way has some really great songs on it) Then as many of you know, There was a stage collapse at one of their shows and many people were killed and many more badly injured. It was a terrible tragedy and one that deeply effected everyone involved. In time it was decided to add that story to the existing documentary and that project, know as "Now and Then" is in the final stages of completion. My roll, aside from shooting some of the footage was creating the titles for both documentaries. I also worked on the Tour Program for the Incredible Machine tour which a few frames are shown above and more in my artwork section.

  • Date Added: Nov 2012
  • Date: 2011-2012
  • Client: Sugarland, Valarie Bienas
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