Senza Peso - Trailer

Senza Peso is a mini Opera created by world-class musicians and artists that unveils a beautifully dark world of lost souls and redemption. Visual poetry and music weave harmoniously through the short story as a Siren who's condemned her soul to slavery, is worn down by her inner demons and must make a choice to abandon her once true love in order to find salvation. As a slave of limbo she is obligated to sing songs of sorrow for the newly deceased as they pass through the darkening realms to the light of the unknown. Her passionate crusade plays before the eyes of a new but brave soul, who is ultimately embracing her own journey.

Inspired by the song "Senza Peso", directors Cory Strassburger and Alain Vasquez began designing a world around the music. What started as a small personal project quickly grew into a passion project for an amazing group of talented artists, musicians and film crew. With the generous and ongoing support of Troika, the seeds of Senza Peso flourished and evolved into a visually and musically rich work of art which will make its debut early 2013.

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