Canadian Tire 2011

This was an interesting interactive, web/browser based project from Alexx Henry that had some exciting components. The base idea was a series of 3 360 pans in a backyard showing a family enjoying the summer (morning, afternoon, evening). So starting in the morning you pan around the backyard and as you come back to the start point, time has passed (now its a mid summer afternoon), the family is doing afternoon activities and finally, the third go around is a late summer evening. All the while showcasing different summer inspired Canadian Tire products. i.e. Lawn mowers, patio sets, trampolines, sheds, water guns, etc…. The interactivity would allow the user to scroll/pan thru the space (Forwards and backwards) and also click on any of the products for more information. There were early thoughts on using 360 video and shoot everything in camera, the user would then pan around in this video. We decided to take a different approach and make a multiplane HTML5 experience with the live action being sprite sheets. This gave us a much better end user experience in my opinion.

For the environment we Initially talked about finding a hero backyard and shooting photography for the 3 plates. There were several challenges to this, first, the yard needed to change on each of the three passes, in terms of lighting (Morning , noon, eve) and also the further growth of the vegetation. The growing vegetation was the tough challenge with our time and budget. At the time i was exploring photo quality shading and rendering of vegetation for Senza Peso and decided it would be a great project for a full CG environment. This turned out to be a lot of fun and Im fairly happy with the results. The above movie is a linear version of the HTML interactive version so its not as cool of an experience, but you get the idea.

  • Date Added: Nov 2012
  • Date: 2011
  • Client: Canadian Tire
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  • TAG: CG, Parallax Scroll, web.